Vacuum Excavation: A Modern Approach

At Nolan Civil Plus, vacuum excavation is not just a service; it’s a cornerstone of our business that centres on combining safety with efficiency.

Compared to traditional digging methods that often result in damage and risks, our approach offers an alternative to how excavation can be done.

Vacuum excavation (also referred to as non-destructive drilling or hydro excavation) involves removing soil and debris using highly pressured water and an industrial vacuum to excavate underground services (e.g. electrical and communication cables). This technique breaks up the ground, and turns it into a slurry with water, then the slurry is vacuumed up into a debris tank on one of our purpose-built Vacuum trucks. 

At Nolan Civil Plus we employ high-powered suction technology to do the heavy lifting—literally. Imagine a powerful vacuum that can suck up soil, rocks, and debris with the accuracy of a surgeon’s scalpel. That’s what our advanced equipment can do. This precise, controlled digging ensures that we achieve a fantastic result without any damage to the surrounding services which is often associated with mechanical digging methods.

One of the most important features of vacuum excavation is its minimal environmental impact. With growing concerns about climate change and natural habitats, we understand the importance of responsible construction practices. Our vacuum excavation methods allow us to preserve the surrounding environment, avoiding the unnecessary destruction of adjacent areas.

Safety is another key advantage. Traditional digging often involves significant risks such as hitting a gas line, water pipe, or electrical conduit. The result could be disastrous, both financially and in terms of human safety. Our vacuum excavation services drastically mitigate these risks by allowing for precision digging. This makes it an ideal solution for high-risk or congested areas where there are lots of existing utilities.

Vacuum excavation can also save you time and money. The efficiency of vacuum excavation often means projects can be completed in a shorter timeframe, with fewer personnel and less heavy machinery involved. This translates to cost savings that we can pass on to you, our valued client.

Vacuum excavation is the future of safe, efficient, and responsible digging. It’s an approach that aligns perfectly with our core values here at Nolan Civil Plus, and we’re thrilled to offer it as a flagship service. Experience the modern approach to excavation; experience Nolan Civil Plus.

If you would like to know if Vacuum Excavation can be used in your project please contact us to discuss how we can help you.