Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation (also referred to as non-destructive drilling or hydro excavation) involves removing soil and debris using highly pressured water and an industrial vacuum to excavate underground services

Service Location

Hydro Vacuum Trucks Equipped with Underground Service Locators: An Excellent Solution for Precise and Safe Excavation.

Drain Cleaning

Our services cover a broad range of cleaning needs, including; Stormwater drains and pits, Industrial pit cleaning, Grease traps, Elevated tanks, Sewer drains, Submersible and conventional wet-well sewer pump stations.

Vacuum Loading

Vacuum loading utilises a specialized vacuum truck fitted with a powerful pump and a storage tank. The pump sucks up materials with enough force to deposit them into the storage tank seamlessly. Once the material is securely stored, the truck transports it to a certified disposal site, ensuring environmental safety.